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Exploring Coffee in Outer Space

Just because you're waking up in outer space doesn't mean you don't need your caffeine fix. In 1961 we began our human space flight adventure and today, more than 50 years later, Italian company Lavazza and the Italian Space Company have come up with the first ever espresso machine suitable for space

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From Gang Member to Coffee Entrepreneur

The deaths of these two young women have become a symbol for the global community that reminds us that youth violence is Honduras is actually getting worse. Around the same time reading this news, I also learned of a pilot project that provides Honduran youth with alternatives to the systemic violence and gang culture that is deeply embedded in the culture. 

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Funny Beans

The opening scene looks vaguely familiar. An older looking Michael Richards, or Cosmo Kramer, sits behind a desk smoking a cigar talking to Jerry Seinfeld. "Everything we have we gave to you, for this ridiculous driving around doing nothing show." "Well we get coffee," Jerry Seinfeld responded. 

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