Early last month, I had the opportunity to co-teach university students on a journey to India that focused on women and gender development. Almost ten years ago, I discovered these trips as a student, managed the logistics and program side of them in my previous work, and now I taught one. It felt like coming full circle - the end to a very long journey that took me across eight countries. In India, my efforts were geared toward equipping students with visual storytelling skills as they visited with and consulted for women entrepreneurs and organizations across the country. Teaching was a new adventure, but it was sharing a blossoming passion that I felt truly grateful. Now, it's back to the office and enjoying developing summer plans and free time - which means more time to create and explore.

I can't be more proud of what my students produced amid record-breaking heat, nonstop travel, and shoddy wifi. You should check it out here


Emily TurnerComment