Do you take mold with your coffee?


According to a 2011 study by NSF International examining 30 household products, half of all coffee makers had yeast and mold growing in the reservoirs. This irks me to my obsessive-cleaning-habit core. A clean house is a clean mind, I always say. I recently scrubbed my coffee maker clean, for maybe the third time in the two years that I've owned the thing. It's so easy to let your coffee maker go uncleaned, unless of course you are of the pour over or Chemex crowd. Most coffee makers are this black pit of mystery. It's dark down there, so it must be clean! Consumer Affairs recommends a few ways to get rid of bacteria:

  • A clean K-cup! Don't reuse those K-Cups as it can add bacteria to the machine.
  • Daily cleaning with warm water + soap for your classic coffee maker. Another recommendation is to add rice as an abrasive.
  • Brew vinegar and do this for a few cycles, every few months. Or use water to brew a few times through using a filter.

Many of us have more visitors than normal this time of year, so here's one way to be squeaky clean and take the mold out of our coffee.

Photo (cc) by ParentingPatch and published under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.