Coming Soon: A Feature on Triangle Coffee


I'm excited to announce a featured blog post I will soon publish about a pop up coffee stand hidden inside Somerville's Brooklyn Boulder's rock climbing gym, known as Triangle Coffee. Ottavio Siani and I were colleagues not long ago before I left to pursue writing and he left to start his own coffee business.

I'm currently in the process of interviewing Ottavio, one of his barista staff, and a customer about Triangle Coffee and their experiences since it opened over Labor Day just over two months ago. While Triangle is completely mobile, they have stayed stationary inside the rock climbing gym building up a customer base. However, there are already early talks of opening another Triangle Coffee stand in an office lobby in Boston's financial district.
What you should expect to see from my in-depth coverage of Triangle Coffee is the perspective from a young entrepreneur and what it's like to start your own coffee micro-business in Boston, a community of nascent specialty coffee shops (nothing like Brooklyn). I will look deeper into Traingle-like coffee shops in Boston - is The Coffee Trike guy a competitor. I'm also interested in exploring coffee as work for so many that overlap with a curious passion. The business of specialty coffee has brought together people who are interested in the climate change, women's empowerment, poverty alleviation, rural development, among so many other global issues - and of course a good cup of coffee. I'm curious to find out more about the world of people who eat, drink, and sleep coffee. Of course a business like Triangle, a new concept to the community, must come with certain risks and fears for those pushing the beans. In the coming weeks, I'll unravel it all here in my Coffee + Culture series.
Photo (cc) by Emily Turner. All rights reserved.