Far Away Places & Coffee


I like to think about how other people live, it's fascinating, no? I think all of my travels lead back directly to this specific curiousity. There is one type of experience which I have always and continue to wonder about today: the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. It's notoriously long, and yet integrated deeply into Ethiopian and Eritrean culture. I've heard tales from friends and would love to take part in a ceremony someday (followed by eating copious amounts of Ethiopian food). Bunna Cafe has done a beautiful job of capturing the ceremony which essentially includes the following:

A young female host prepares and serves the coffee. The beans are washed and roasted in a pan over a heated stove. The coffee is ground and mixed with spices and served in tiny cups. You enjoy around small tables and small chairs and eat popcorn as a snack to go with the coffee. I love how it's a ritual and it's slow - opposite from what most people are after when they drink coffee.

Most urban societies will likely have similar coffee rituals, but with the growth of urban populations and the departure of youth in rural communities across the world - I'm particularly interested in how people consume coffee across different communities - before it becomes too late.

Photo (cc) by Rod Waddington and published under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.