Caffeine Intoxication

L0048989 An intoxicated man drinking beer; advertising Blauwe Week

The best coffee news this week has been about coffee killing you - after approximately 140 cups. Surprise! There is apparently a tipping point of too much caffeine (14,000 milligrams), though our bodies will likely reject caffeine before we'd ever reach this point. I found this fascinating when I first read about it in The Wall Street Journal, How Much Caffeine is Too Much? The article actually discusses the fact that people are wired differently in terms of their reaction to caffeine. That's why some people cannot function without tea while others need their large coffee with a double red eye (meaning shots of espresso in a normal cup of coffee) in the morning. I fall somewhere in between. If I forget to have coffee in the morning, my head throbs. That's normal, right? I never drank coffee until five years ago and now I can't have enough. I've had so much that my hands shake uncontrollably and I giggle because I can hear myself stutter when I speak. While I pondered how many cups I've ever had at once, which is to say nowhere near 140 cups, I also wondered how the scientists even discovered it was too much. Has anyone ever died from too much coffee?

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