Driving the buzz: Coffee + Culture


It's been a month of blogging on Coffee + Culture! It's been fun. I love coffee - I mean, who doesn't, apart from our president? There are a lot of blogs and websites that provide fantastic coffee news for the average Joe to the hip barista far better than myself, while others are like a tall cup of decaf (what's the point?). Here are few examples:

The Boston Globe | Double Shot

For the local (Boston) beans, Matt Viser, The Boston Globe staff reporter in the Washington DC bureau, does more than "fill your virtual coffee cup with news and features about the popular drink." His Double Shot section takes you around the globe, in your neighborhood, and in people's homes to talk coffee. Who knew Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream used to throw up after drinking coffee? Double shot keeps it cool by writing for a wide audience. In the coffee world, I've noticed the language can get technical and industry-talk takes over, driving out a potential audience. There's not much of a feedback loop yet for Double Shot. It's still new, and there is some clear comments that maybe coffee shouldn't be considered its own news section. I disagree, but would like to see more social media engagement.


Sprudge is the gold standard for caffeinated souls that live and work in the coffee world. A beautiful website layout that's simple and easy to navigate has kept me coming back for more, not to mention they cover all the major coffee news. They are a great news source, though can get too technical, which can come off as uninteresting or irrelevant. It's a site for the coffee insiders, and it's perfect for that audience. It serves as a nice balance to Double Shot.

Coffee Cup News

I was drawn in to the sidebar of Coffee Cup News solely for the Facts section. It was there I learned, once and for all, what is considered a Flat White? There are so many names being tossed around the coffee world, it is truly hard to keep up if you aren't listening. Flat Whites have recently become popular, but I had no idea that it originated from Australia where they drink it all the time, and it's basically a shot of espresso and milk. It's not often updated however so the content has felt old and I've rarely gone back to use this site for my own blogging. What Double Shot and Sprudge could use is a Facts section or an equivalent that welcomes a wider range of readers.

When it comes to something so universal like coffee, I think the challenge and opportunity for greater community engagement is presenting the news in a way that reaches all of us while we're holding our morning cup.


Any suggested sites I've left out that aren't on my blogroll? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Photo (cc) by Chiccodoro and published under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.