Let's Talk Geisha Coffee


Every October, coffee roasters, producers, and financiers come together from around the world to collaborate, talk about the latest in the industry, and strengthen ties across the coffee supply chain. It's an incredible feat of people coming together who care about transparency, quality, and relationships behind a single cup of coffee. It's called simply, Let's Talk Coffee. Hosted by Sustainable Harvest, a specialty coffee importer, Let's Talk Coffee (LTC) recently brought together over 500 stakeholders in the specialty coffee world to Panama City for its 12th annual conference. The three-day event centered on the theme of building a world-class supply chain. The conference is always held in a coffee growing country, and this year attendees took in all that encompassed the famous Geisha coffee.

With a name like 'Geisha' you might think this kind of coffee belongs in Japan's cool mountain highlands, but this unique coffee varietal is best known to be from western Panama. Its body is light with honey and citrus flavors. For the experts, Geisha's taste profile is award-winning, unique, and hard to get. Because of these reasons, it is also highly sought after with a hefty price tag. Starbucks sells the rare beans for $150 in an 8 ounce bag and it is known to be the $7 cup of coffee. The lucrative coffee varietal is growing its presence across Latin America and recently making headlines in Colombia where it sells for $130 per pound.

However, LTC focused on far more than just an expensive cup of coffee. Topics like coffee leaf rust, livable wages for small coffee producers,  and where the fastest growing market exists for specialty coffee were just a few. The answer appears to be down under. For more information on last week's LTC schedule, visit their Activities page.


Photo (cc) by Edukeralam, Navaneeth Krishnan S and published under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.