Announcing the Coffee + Culture Series


You drink it every day. It is how you meet up with a friend. It can be the best part of waking up and sometimes follow the last meal of the day. Coffee and the news and culture surrounding it is what I will be exploring for the next several weeks. In my past work, I was exposed to the specialty coffee industry from the hipster barista who wins competitions for latte art to the Guatemalan farmers who grow the beans. Slurping coffee from a spoon and interviewing families whose livelihoods depended on harvest yields were experiences that continue to impact my consumer habits today.

What’s fascinating about the second most traded commodity in the world is coffee’s impact on people and its surrounding environment in the process from bean to cup. In the coming weeks I will let everything about coffee steep into Far From Lost because it is part of life everywhere, and apparently part of journalism. It was no surprise when Dylan Byers in Politico declared to cover coffee related news in their blog in part due to recent findings that journalists consume more coffee than in any other profession.

While I may not be going to Politico as my first stop for the latest in the coffee world, I plan to regularly check in on a few sites that keep the pulse on our caffeinated culture. Here are my top three picks:

  1. Sprudge. This website posts regular updates on coffee news and culture. It serves as my inspiration for the coffee series and will help me develop content.
  2. Daily Coffee News. Roast Magazine runs this website which publishes and curates content from around the web on all things specialty coffee. I will use this site similar to Sprudge for content ideas and inspiration.
  3. Dear Coffee, I Love You. Less about coffee sourcing, more about the end product. DCILY is a blog that focuses on reviewing coffee products and brings in a design element of the business that I’d like to explore.

Stay awake for more Coffee + Culture series posts to come!